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Smart Concealed Carry

Mon, January 28, 2013

Lately I’ve found myself doing a lot of reading trying to learn more about Concealed Carry.  Along with reading, I’ve also been watching a lot of Youtube videos.  My goal is to learn as much as possible about carrying a weapon safely should Illinois’ new Concealed Carry law pass. 

In hopes of the new CC bill passing, and I believe it will, I have already signed my wife and I up for a CC class and a live fire proficiency test.  If and when the bill does pass, I want to be as ready as I can to obtain my CC permit.  There is no guarantee that Illinois will reciprocate other states’ permits, so I’m really just taking my chances. 

I don’t plan on carrying a weapon 24/7.  But in certain situations, in certain places, you bet I will.  But I want to do it legally and wisely.

Though I own several guns, I am far from what some would consider a gun nut.  I’m more of a gun enthusiast.  It’s being a gun enthusiast that has encouraged me to read and learn more regarding CC.  CC is something that should be taken very seriously.  Very seriously.  If you plan on obtaining a CC permit, take the time to educate yourself.  Learn as much as you can. 

Watching some of the Youtube videos that are out there has taught me many things.  How to carry safely, and how to be a total idiot.  It amazes me how many people out there are so completely self-absorbed and how foolish they are.  Carrying in public is a Constitutional Right.  I think we all get that by now.  But walking around public areas just to see if you can attract attention is just plain stupid.  Sure Open Carry is allowed in some states, but that doesn’t make it smart.  All these people are doing is attracting negative attention to a worthy cause.  OK big shot, you have a gun.  Explain to me why you need the attention?  There are so many videos out there of people that are so proud of themselves for stirring the pot.  I just don’t get it.  I understand that they are just trying to prove a point.  I just think they are proving their point in the wrong direction.  They make us all look like paranoid, gun-crazy, fools.  If you really are going to carry a gun for protection, I’d recommend doing it concealed.  Letting a bad guy know you have a gun can make you his first target.  The beauty of CC is the bad guys no longer know who’s carrying and who’s not.  That’s what reduces crime.  Most criminals are opportunists who prey on the weak.  Now they’ll have to take their chances the next time they try to knock off the local Quick-Mart. 

My advice is to be safe and be smart.  If you don’t feel the need to carry a gun, don’t.  If you do feel the need, please do it safely and wisely…and concealed.  There are many classes regarding safety, CC, shooting, etc. out there.  Take a class or two before you decide to carry.  If the state requires a four-hour class, feel free to take another class as well.  If the state doesn’t require live fire testing, take a class anyway.  Concealed Carry is to be taken very seriously.  Please do. 

John Soehn


i plan on taking a class on cc myself. not really sure if i will go as far as actually carring a gun. i have reasons for not having a handgun. anytime you take a class on almost anything it cant hurt you. the first ting is to do some type of screening those wanting to cc. just because youre legal, there are some people that should not carry guns. legal or not

Posted by controlfitter on January 28

Interesting stuff, concealed carry shold be just that, CONCEALED. Yes the criminal has no idea who is and who isn’t armed. A class of a few hours will in no way prepare someone for what they may face IMO. Ideally one who chooses to carry will be familiar enough with the handgun they choose to carry that they can handle it under extreme durress. I would think that WHEN we have cc in IL that one would not act foolishly and ruin things for all. If you wouldn’t go to places without a gun don’t make a decision to go there because you can now carry. Avoid trouble whenever possible. There is enough tough guys out there and a gun certainly doesn’t make one tough.Just sharing some of my thoughts…

Posted by enjycreation on January 28

Good read.  I hope to take the CC classes in the future as well.

Posted by mountain man on January 29

Good Read, Good thoughts, agreed!!!  thx for sharing John

Posted by Flatlander on January 29

If you are looking for a CC class, I would sign up soon.  I’m sure when this thing passes in IL, the classes will be swamped.  There’s certainly no guarantee that the Utah or Florida licenses will be reciprocated in this fine state we call home, but I’m taking me chances.  I’m assuming that IL will require the 4 hour class and a live shooting proficiency test.  That’s why I’m taking both Utah and Florida classes.  Even though IL may not reciprocate, I’m hoping that my class and live fire test results will hold up.  I’m just trying to beat the long lines.  If not, I just wasted a bunch of money.  If you’re interested in classes, go to  You’ll find may classes there.  Oh…and support the NRA.  They’re all we have.  Without them, we wouldn’t be this far along.

Posted by Treehugger on January 29

I may at some time go to a CC class, but at this time I am not to concerned about them. I was in Gander Mountain this weekend and I saw where they are offering them. But what law this fine state will come up with for these classes, I just don’t want to waste my time and having nothing count and do it all over again. Just with the law passing will make most of these little hard case punks think about what they are doing anyway. I just don’t live in an area that has a lot of crime, most of the crimes in my area is guys smokin weed and riding their lawn mowers drunk because they don’t have a license. Maybe when I hopefully retire in 3-4 years maybe then I will take the CC class.

Posted by berlin on January 29

I just took the Utah class last week and was talking to the instructor about the Florida class and he said all I had to do was to download the application online and that my Hunters Education card satisfies the “live fire” portion. I know that most of you have you Hunters ED card so it would be easy to get your Florida permit if you wanted. I am hoping that IL accepts one or the other! Probably not though. Just thought I would pass that along. The only main difference between the two right now is that WI does not have reciprocity with FL. Utah does.

Posted by kschroeder.DVM on January 29

Here is the link to the Florida site on the required training.

Posted by kschroeder.DVM on January 29

Not sure if things have changed in recent years, but when I took my kids to their Hunter Safety classes, there was no live fire.  I also got the HS card (twice).  Not sure our HS card would suffice in FL.

Posted by Treehugger on January 29

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