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I just shot a giant!

Thu, June 19, 2014

It’s the day that most of us deer hunters live for.  The day we shoot our first real monster buck.  Not just your personal best…but a real monster.  Legendary.  Magazine covers.  What a great day!  Or is it?

With all the recent controversy regarding a few hunters and a few monster bucks, is it even worth it to target a monster buck?  It seems to me that whether you shoot your monster legitimately or not, drama will soon surround you. 

There are two enemies in trophy hunting.  The first is the cheat who gives the legitimate trophy hunter a bad name.  The second is the jealous person who is suspicious of any deer deemed to be a giant.  So what’s a hunter to do? 

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is not a problem I have had to deal with.  Still no Booner for this guy.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot though.  What would I do if I shot a real monster?  What should I do?  Certainly there will be someone who thought it was shot at night, or high-fenced, or…  Take lots of pictures and maybe even some recovery video I guess.  Call a few friends to help with the drag.  Lots of witnesses.  It all seems ridiculous to me.  The notion that you have to prove your innocence is something that would spoil the awesomeness of a successful hunt. 

So is it even worth the trouble to shoot a giant?  I think so.  It has always been a dream of mine and I won’t change my dreams and goals because of someone else.  It’s just a darn shame what antlers and antler-envy have done to such a pure sport.  In my opinion, the shame does not lie solely at the feet of the cheaters, but also at the feet of the jealous. 

So you just shot a giant.  What would you do?


Get drunk!

Posted by walmsley on June 19

World’s greatest answer right there, Tim.

Posted by Treehugger on June 19

I had a great opportunity to get a record book buck a few years ago, but had to pass it up.  There I was in a Chevy with a Ford permit in my pocket.

Posted by riverrat47 on June 19

Haha Walmsley, I bet I would be drinking a few beers that night and may miss the following morning hunt!  I personally would enjoy it for a day or two, admire him for a bit hanging and then take him to the Taxidermist.  When I got him back, he would sit in my game room for years to come. No entry into the record books (unless it was a state or world record) I really wouldn’t worry what other people would say because I would know the truth and thats all that matters.  Lets hope we all have to worry about making the “What would you do?” decision one day!

Posted by Bigb on June 19

I hunt with friends.  THey help me track deer, Drag deer out, Help me locate them in the summer, help me with cams and countless other things Frankly I am controversy proof.  If I were in one of those guys shoes who are in trouble right now, there would me signed statements from witnesses the next day.

Posted by clintharvey on June 19

Beers for sure!

Posted by Andy Meador on June 19

Wow!!  Somebody has some issues.  I notice lately that name calling is becoming pretty popular with people who hide behind their handles.  It’s easy to talk a lot of $hit if you don’t have to own up to it. 

Posted by Andy Meador on June 20

Walmsley I just spit coffee all over my computer…..thanks…...HA haaa

Posted by Flatlander on June 20

Who wants a fatter wife?

Posted by Treehugger on June 20

Fat wife, check! im still waiting on the big truck and fast boat.

Posted by selfinflicted on June 20

Maybe he meant “Phatter” instead of “Fatter”.

Posted by jcurri on June 20

Circa 1814- The Prarie Crossing Gazzete news-

Indian Chief “Running Bullcrapper” ordered the execution of his closest brave-known as “I’m-A FAKE”- for killing a bigger Buffalo than he did on the annual Buffalo drive. “Ima not putting up with that Crappa from his sun burnt ass” he was quoted as saying.

Posted by walmsley on June 20

I wouldn’t say anything!!!!Maybe show the deer to afew close friends but noway in hell make it public…...

Posted by WhitetailFreak on June 20

“Ima not putting up with that Crappa from his sun burnt ass” he was quoted as saying.

Hey Walmsley, I didn’t know Indians were Italian.

Posted by Treehugger on June 20

I didn’t either! Until now!  heehee

Posted by walmsley on June 20

I’d wait for the alarm clock to go off, bc I would obviously be dreaming.

Posted by Walston on June 20

I would shoot a B&C buck if one came by, and I would certainly register.  There is nothing harder to shoot than a mature whitetail buck; and I would be proud and honored to do so.  Not sure while some people think this is so bad?  I love to hunt deer, especially big whitetail bucks.  They are the biggest game animal challenge we have here in Illinois; and just a sighting of a B&C animal is great.  I certainly love venison and will shoot deer for that but I love to hunt for big bucks; been doing it for 25 years and can’t get enough.  Not sure why some people have a problem with that.  Also, to say that Indians did not care about the size of rack from the game they took is simply not true.  The Indians valued trophy game just as the next.  They sold many of antlers to the early settlers of the day and made many tools from the large antlers.  Indian tribes honored their hunters who brought in large racked animals. Although the Indians hunted for sustenance; they certainly appreciated trophy animals.

Posted by buckbull on June 22

FD77…First you said this…” the majority of hunters live with the big headed i know everything and i make more money mentality.”  Followed by this…“I have the money to do so.”  Looks like someone couldn’t resist letting people know he has money. 

Livin’ the life.

Posted by Treehugger on June 23

I’ve seen the light cause of you fakedeer77- I just went to the courthouse and filed papers on my Butt Ugly wife- NOW I can just go out and kill anything that walks and feel good about it!  Thanks for freeing me of my “Retardism” my friend!

Posted by walmsley on June 23

“This happened to me.”  Naysayers and their jealousy can certainly be a downer, but for me the good experiences have outweighed the bad.

Posted by beck on June 23

And so is the last words of tim walmsley

Posted by clintharvey on June 23

Walmsley…............ given your lovely wife’s skill with a variety of weapons, I can’t believe you said that! That coupled with the fact that you live near a hog confinement where she can properly dispose of the body should have you on better behavior than that.

Posted by The Colonel on June 24

Treehugger   Livin the life!  That’s classic!

Posted by Andy Meador on June 25

She’s out of town Colonel!  heehee

Posted by walmsley on June 25

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