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Hunt the weather

Mon, October 29, 2012

Have you noticed the change in deer activity lately?  It’s not coincidence.  It’s also not just the rut getting closer.  It’s the weather.  When everything is in place, deer will be on their feet…and right now, everything is in place. 

When us hunters seem to experience a slow pre-rut or rut, it’s not always that the rut is slow or that the deer are inactive, it’s the weather.  If the weather isn’t right, does will not be on their feet, and neither will bucks.  But when you experience something that’s going on like it is right now, get out in the woods immediately.  When the time of year is right, the winds are right, the temps are right, and the barometric pressure is right, deer activity increases an unbelievable amount. 

The winds have changed from south winds to north winds these last couple days.  The winds have also died down a bit.  Along with these north winds come cooler temperatures and a rising barometer.  Pay attention the barometer.  It’s more important than you think.  Study after study have shown that Whitetail activity (feeding, rutting, etc.) increases dramatically when the barometric pressure gets over 30.00in.  As of yesterday, the weather Gods have given us a gift.  The winds changed, now coming in from the north.  With north winds comes the cooler temperatures deer need.  Activity is highest when temps are below 35 degrees.  Also with north winds comes an increase in pressure.  As the pressure is on the rise and near its peak, deer activity also rises to its peak.  Anything over 30.00 is good…closer to 30.40 is even better.

As I write this, the temperature should be in the low 40’s by this afternoon’s hunt, winds will be out of the north, and the current barometric pressure is 30.32in.  It’s almost perfect. 

I have had the slowest October ever…until yesterday afternoon.  Everything broke loose…in a good way.  About an hour before dark I had a doe run into my alfalfa field being followed by a nice 2.5 year-old buck.  He gave chase for quite some time.  Five minutes later, a real nice 4.5 year-old 8-point joined in the chase.  Just before all this activity started, I had the biggest coyote I have ever seen running all over the place in that same hay field.  I have shot several coyotes in my life with both bow and shotgun, but I have never seen one this big.  Someone please tell me, can a coyote get to be 80 pounds?  The closest he got was about 50 yards, but I watched him in the wide open field for about ten minutes.  I couldn’t believe his size.  He was also very light in color.  Five minutes after the coyote left the field, the deer action began in the same area of that field.  Not one of the deer cared about that coyote or the scent he must have left behind.  On my drive home, I saw another decent buck chasing a doe down the road right in front of me followed by yet another nice buck chasing a doe and her fawn down the road. 

The weather is right.  Temps, wind, pressure…it’s all in our favor right now.  Take advantage of it and get out there to watch the action. 

Be safe and kill the buck of your dreams.

John Soehn


It has really improved the last few days.  I sat all day friday and saw 9 bucks and countless does.  No shooters but still nice to see midday movement.  Saturday morning I killed a 10 point.  I’ve also been getting a fair number of daytime pics of good bucks.  Good Luck!

Posted by jcurri on October 29

Heads are coming into the studio at a steady pace now. The last few days have really improved. Good luck John…and John!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 29

Thanks Marc-  I went to Marc anthony Outdoors and saw the buck you shot.  HOLY COW!

Posted by jcurri on October 29

That’s what I said when I got the trail camera picture grin You should see the other pictures…or maybe you did? The big NT I’m after. Yikes!!!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 29

The full moon on Monday was the second full moon after the autmunal equinox, I think it has more to do with that than the weather.

Posted by Nemo on November 02

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