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Recent entries

Troy Jackson


So Long

Mon, May 01, 2017

After six years here on I’ve decided to strike out on a new blogging adventure with my own website.  It is up and running so going forward you can find my two cents worth of cyberspace at the following address:

I can be reached via email through the site as follows:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Similar to my contributions here on, the new website will largely focus on fishing.  I’ll continue, in my biased opinion, to provide the best, longwinded fishing reports on the internet when I get on the water.  Plenty of other fishing content as well that touches on the common thread aspects of our hobby whether you are walking the bank of some pothole or speeding across an expansive reservoir in a souped up bass boat.

The Top 5 project will also keep rolling as that is a favorite feature of mine, can never have enough fish stories, right?  Hope those who have elected to participate will continue to deliver some new catches to the new address and perhaps we can eventually recruit some more anglers.

Lots of ideas, adventures and some new wrinkles on the horizon under the banner of outdoor activities including a plunge into a variety of social media platforms.  Looks like I’ll finally get some “friends”, hopefully, and gotta learn about hashtags, tweets and get me a story.  Oh, boy…good thing I’ve got some kids who can explain this stuff to an old IT guy.

Facebook: Troy Jackson Outdoors
Snapchat: tjoutdoors

Before I sign off, I would like to thank Jeff for the opportunity to ramble about pretty much anything that came to mind.  I’ve had a good time, gave it the best I had as frequently as time allowed. 

Made some new friends and had some new adventures so thanks also to anyone who has taken the time to tag along, read, comment and contribute.  It’s an interesting gig and the feedback has always been appreciated as it is rewarding to discover a common thread with fellow outdoors enthusiasts.  Ultimately, if I got anyone to start a conversation with friends or family that began with “Do you remember that one time…” or “If he thinks that was something, he should have seen…” then I have achieved some measure of storytelling success.

And speaking of comments, my final picture posting will reflect one of my favorites that referred to all of “Troy’s little bass.”  Yep, I got a long memory.

Last Little Bass

And as a final, lyrical flourish, in the words of Carol Burnett (sort of):

“I’m so glad we had this time together
Just to have a laugh or tell a fish story
Seems we just get started
And before you know it
Comes the time we have to say
So long.”
(Note: substitute a hookset for the ear pull.)

Best of luck and talk to you later at  Troy.


Top 5 Update

Mon, April 24, 2017

For the second straight update we have an angler push his creel over the 20-pound mark.  This time around it is our 2016 Top 5 title holder who gets a significant boost from his Top Bass of 2017…so far.

Mark Bass

Weight: 5-15
Angler: Mark Balbinot
Date: April 14
Location: Fitch Lake – Lake Land Park Canton, IL
Lure: Rapala Shallow Shad Rap (shad)
Structure: Windy flat in about 3’ of water
Water Temp: 61F
Angler Comments: Caught a lot of small fish mainly on shallow running crankbaits, a few other fish on a jig, topwater baits and wave worms. Even caught a channel cat about 4 to 5 lbs on a crankbait. About an hour before a thunderstorm moved into the area I managed to catch a good one on that little Rapala crankbait.
Top 5 Weight: 22-1 (5-15,5-2,4-2,3-14,3-0) culls 2-12

Way to go, Mark. Hoping some others got out this past weekend as it turned out quite pleasant and looks to hold out for a couple more days in my neck of the woods.  Hmmm…Talk to you later.  Troy


Top 5 Update

Mon, April 17, 2017

Short and sweet this week, let the pics and details do the talking.

Mark Bass

Weight: 3-14
Angler: Mark Balbinot
Date: April 10
Location: Double T State Fish & Wildlife Area–Canton, IL
Lure: Storm Arashi Squarebill 3 Crankbait (chartreuse with black back)
Structure: Small point from the bank
Angler Comments: Went out after the area got pelted with golf ball size hail and heavy rains.  I was about to give up and made a few more cast with a crankbait on a point and then finally I felt some weight and set the hook. The fish hit about 4 feet from the bank and inhaled that crankbait.
Top 5 Weight: 18-14 (5-2,4-2,3-14,3-0,2-12) culls 2-11

Randy Bass

Weight: 2-10
Angler: Randy Sampson Sr.
Date: April 15
Location: West Central IL public water
Lure: Squarebill crankbait (sexy shad)

Randy Bass

Weight: 6-0
Angler: Randy Sampson Sr.
Date: April 15
Location: West Central IL public water
Lure: Squarebill crankbait (sexy shad)
Angler Comments:  Warm and windy, very windy.  Caught about eight bass, lost about a four pounder at the boat.  They were holding in the shallows on the windblown bank.
Top 5 Weight: 22-3 (6-0,4-14,4-11,3-6,3-4) culls 3-4

Thanks, guys, appreciate the input and your effort in getting in some fishing during what was a wild and windy week in your locales.  Two solid limits (our top two for the year this far), look forward to your next reports.  Good luck to anyone who gets out in the upcoming week and send ‘em this way if you catch ‘em.  Talk to you later.  Troy


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