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Lake Doctor

Upcoming Ice Fishing Events

Sun, January 11, 2015

The ice is getting thicker and we are planning some really fun ice fishing events for the end of this month! Right now its too cold to be out fishing, but once this polar equinox or vertex or cold front moves or whatever you want to call it, once its gone and things warm up a bit the fishing will be on FIRE!

The perfect day of ice fishing involves alot of friends, a big bonfire, hot chocolate, Chef Todd’s famous pot of soup, and of course catching lots of fish! Even if you have no ice fishing gear or dont care to fish in general, just getting outside with the family and hanging out with everyone on the lake is a great way to help stave off those winter blues! Not to mention that experiences and adventures like this are life changing for those kiddos.

 We have two big events planned for this winter. The first one is the Giant Goose Ranch family ice fishing extravaganza on Saturday, January 31st. We will be ice fishing from 8-4 pm that day with Chef Todd’s famous lunch at Noon.

Bonfire and Hot Chocolate will be available all day, and you can make plans to stay all day or simply come for however long you think your kids can make it outside. We will have a portable outhouse with a cold seat out near the lakes, but also have a heated bathouse up at the goose ranch office as well….

We will have 100’s of ice fishing holes drilled and plenty of helpers to help everyone catch some fish! We even have a special kids fishing pond set up for ice fishing that is full of plump rainbow trout, feisty bluegill and bass, and even a handful of big bonus crappie for the kids.

The cost for this event is free for kids 15 and under, $5 per goose ranch member, $5 for women (non-members), and $75 for men (non-members). Just email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for questions, directions and details.

The next event we are hosting is on Saturday, Feb 7th! It actually is an ice fishing derby with not only great prizes, but braggin rights on the line. More than the competition though, this ice fishing derby is a fundraiser for the Hooked on Fishing Park in East Peoria.

Each year Hooked on Fishing teaches thousands of kids and takes senior citizens fishing free of charge over at their East Peoria ponds. Its an amazing facility that is picture perfect for introducing children to fishing and taking bus loads of residents from nursing and handicap homes.

There is no shortage of kids and seniors that are on the list to come fishing each summer, but the limiting factor is simply raising the funds and having the volunteers necessary to do so. We could use your help!

If you like to ice fish come on out and enter the derby with a partner. The entry fee is $50 per two man team and 100% of the funds go directly towards 2015 operating costs at the fishing park. The derby runs from 8-12 with a famous Chef Todd lunch and weigh in right at noon. Following the weigh in, the Goose Ranch will also be open for more ice fishing until 4 pm.

Presley’s Outdoors in Bartonville is sponsoring and putting on this event so stop on down and sign up there or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

One last event is for any pondmeisters up in Wisconsin!


I think I’ll have to make plans to get up there this year.

Posted by archernut_ibs on January 12

Which of the lakes at Giant Goose Ranch will be used for the ice fishing tourney on February 7?  Is it Giant Goose Lake?  Also, since fishing is allowed after the tourney until 4pm are you allowed to try one of the other lakes after the tourney?  I believe there is a lake there that is kind of crappie specific that my brother and I would love to try.  Looking forward to a great day on the ice!


Posted by pkessler1 on January 16

Giant Goose Lake for the derby and yes to the other lakes as well!

Posted by Nate on January 17

That’s great news Nate!  Any chance there is a place to get topo maps for the various lakes?  Having never fished there I would be clueless as to where to drill holes.  I think I have read about some submerged islands at Giant Goose…

Posted by pkessler1 on January 17

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