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Through the Lens

August Equals Squirrels and Chanterelles

Sat, August 01, 2020

fox squirrel

It’s August 1st! Opening day of squirrel season and while COVID -19 may have upset so many things, but squirrels are plentiful, and gee whiz - what year for chanterelle mushrooms! I’m going to hazard a guess in my neck of the woods in southern IL this is a record setting year for chanterelle flushes.

We all know that there’s really nothing better than a meal of good old fashioned pan fried squirrel, milk gravy, and some biscuits. Many of us grew up on this meal, and while I thought I fried up a mean skillet of squirrel, when I tried my friend Michael Pendley’s recipe from Realtree, well Mike had me beat. Give his recipe a look and a read - it’s a good read and the best recipe I’ve ever come across for fixing a skillet full of squirrel. Likely because in involves bacon grease. And buttermilk. And low cal, low fat be damned.

Since we have such an abundance of chanterelles this year, a good chanterelle cream sauce makes a classy and ever so tasty way way to up your fried squirrel game. And you know, mother nature is ever so thoughtful in providing us just the right mushroom for what’s in season at the time. Morels and bluegill, hen of the woods and deer and duck, chanterelles and squirrels!

This cream sauce is good with pasta, pork chops, most anything you would like to pair it with. Try hard not to just eat it with a spoon if you can!

chanterelle cream sauce recipe

I’ve long said, we need to Make Squirrel Hunting Great Again - and I’m pushing that message again this year on opening day, so this season - get out there, snag some squirrels, gather some chanterelles, and have yourself a feast!

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