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Kevin Hahn

Food Plotting


Thu, May 01, 2014

Spring is one of my favorite times to be in the woods and “shrooming” provides a great motivation to make it a priority.  So yesterday I carved some time out of my schedule to get a couple hours in the woods looking for mushrooms and enjoying the scenery.  Below are some photos from yesterdays excursion. I think it is still a little early for this location, so I will be sure to get back to this woods again within a couple days.  Sorry, the location is unknown so not sharing that on this blog.


Nice batch! How many ticks did u find?

Posted by coinman66 on May 01

Kevin, I have to ask…...Why do u wear gloves mushrooms hunting????

Posted by WhitetailFreak on May 01

Coinman…no ticks that I am aware of but now you got me thinking??

Whitetailfreak…Reason for gloves, it was a steady misting rain , the wind was blowing, and it was cold.


Posted by Cooper on May 01

Nice finds bud!! I found 64 Greys n Yellows like that yesterday in central illinois all on west facing hills!! I took my shirt off when I got home and my mom picked off 7 ticks that we already starting to dig into me….in all the years I’ve hunted I’ve never got 7 total ticks off of me let alone the first time out this year!! They were little ticks too…little bigger than a pen head!!!

Posted by Taterbug on May 01

Ticks are mostly in nymph stages right now. Very small. Always check yourself out when u get back! And nice photos too Kevin.

Posted by coinman66 on May 01

I was out mushrooming yesterday and when I came home I picked 30 ticks off of me. I had one imbedded in my ear and one imbedded under my chin. They were like ants all over me. I had one imbedded in my stomach from a few days earlier with big red rings around it. My wife gave me some antibiotics so I should be good as far as Lyme disease. If you catch it early you are fine.

Posted by yellowstone on May 01

Yellowstone. .. 30 ticks wow!  Or is this a strategy to keep people away from your mushroom patches.

Posted by Cooper on May 01

Found a nice mess Thurs. and a few at a different spot Sun. Mostly greys and some yellows didn’t count or weigh them, but guessing was close to a LB. Fried em last night with some gill, crappie and a few little bass fillets, even deep fried some asparagus. Pretty good, woke up about midnight had some more and then finished them off for breakfast.

Posted by berlin on May 05

great photos. im going to my place in schuyler county next week. schrooning for sure. found one 2 weeks ago during turkey hunting, way early then. the warm weather and rain im sure will make them come out. as for the ticks,, the little ticks are DEER TICKS those are the one’s that carry lime disease. im taking lots of precautions when going in the woods permithan (sp) is susposed to work spray it on your clothes not your skin

Posted by controlfitter on May 08

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