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Stay on Target

Semi-Live Hunt Firearm Opener

Fri, November 20, 2015

Okay, so I will try to do this semi live hunt this morning. Every 30-45 minutes I will provide an update (if possible). The players this morning are me, my wife Marj, my brother Travis, my mom Cathy and my dad Gerald. I won’t necessarily give you updates from each of them, but I might mention them in my updates.

6:40 am-The woods are very calm with a slight west breeze. To this point I have heard 4-5 shots. I can hear both owls and turkeys in the distance and the turkeys have attempted some broken gobbles. Travis has seen a spike so far.

7:25 am-I have basically nothing to report. I’ve heard approximately 22 shots (there is a large piece of public land nearby). I haven’t heard from my parents, my wife hasn’t seen any and Travis has seen the one spike. Phone service is sketchy, so these updates might be sporadic.

8:10 am-So far, it has been remarkably slow. Last I heard, out of my immediate family, one early spike from my brother is still the only deer. My wife saw a coyote. I’ve counted 40 shots, but only one was halfway close. This is all surprising, based on sightings while my dad was checking on his cattle and the trail cameras we have been using. I expected a very good morning. Shots have picked up significantly in the last 15-20 minutes.

9:00 am-We have added a couple to our tally. Travis added a 3 point, and dad saw a doe. Shots were much better this hour. I’ve now heard 68 shots, and I’ll surpass last year’s opening number soon. The surprising thing is, only one was anything resembling close. There are hunters in every wood lot around, and no nearby shots to speak of. I cannot say where all the deer from our cameras or our own sightings are, but I can tell you where they are not. As I was typing I did hear a relatively close shot.

9:45 am-I have heard 87 shots. That’s possibly the most I’ve ever heard opening morning to this point. The only updated sighting is my mom saw a “smallish buck”. I have to get down around 10:00 am, so this will be my last report unless something good happens soon. We are hunting large woods here in southern IL, so getting skunked is not all that uncommon, but I sure didn’t expect it today. I apologize for the boring updates that involved few deer, but that’s hunting sometimes. Signing off.


Darin, Curious too see if the shooting picks up by 8-9.Good luck to u and the family!!!!

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 20

Good luck to you and your family . Not much her in northern pike . One coyote and one forkhorn so far . Beautiful day though .

Posted by Mattg on November 20

In Fulton County we have 1 doe down and have seen 8 deer. There’s been a lot of shot right around us and activity seems to be pretty decent

Posted by Jakob on November 20

Seen 6 bucks in a grass ditch around 9:00 in a cornfield.  2 nice ones.  They’re staying away from the woods lol.  They were bedded when we got back from moving our bow stands and drove back by.  Heard 2 shots when we were out.

Posted by Andy Meador on November 20

Best of luck this season Darin. Unfortunately I will not be hunting in Pope county this year…

Posted by mdoc on November 21

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