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Winding Down

Tue, January 03, 2012

The 2011 upland season is winding to a close and turned out better than I had anticipated.  Below is a shot from Panther Creek on Christmas Eve.  Larry Oliver, my son Alex and I are in the picture with the Ferndelle mob of springers in the foreground.  I found those sunglasses in a sock drawer and they are at least 27 years old.  They’re so big they help block the poke-in-the-eye native grasses so that is a good thing.


We had a great morning hunt .  It was fun to have three pups: Chaps, Calvin and Hobbes; really encountering pheasants in a hunting situation for the second time.  Their enthusiasm was contagious.  As Mr. Drysdale likes to say, “They’re certainly not gun dogs yet, but they’re well on the way to being bird dogs.”  Hobbes started the day on a frugal note by bringing in a hen without a shot being fired.

Here is another shot of the dogs, with a very disciplined appearance.  From left, Calvin, Chaps, Daphne and Hobbes.  My dog Lil is in the witness protection program so she doesn’t participate often in these photo ops.


Last week, Mr. Drysdale and two other friends hunted with me in the El Paso area.  We had hunted this same spot earlier in the season and found a big field of standing corn that was providing safe haven for the birds.  The corn was out and there are filter strips along both sides of a main ditch – our hopes were fairly high.  The morning started off well.  Rooster pops up less than 200 yards from the starting point.  Guns blaze and rooster falls into briskly flowing ditch.  Pheasants can swim and this one swapped sides of the ditch and hid in dense canary grass.  Libby cruised the waterway and eventually locked in on his location and dug him out.

As we headed north along the ditch, the filter strips got broader and there was corn stubble on the sides. Looked promising.  We did see two more roosters but were unable to put either one in the bag.  Oddly enough, we didn’t see a single hen.  Strange for this time of year.  Mr. D. hunted Birkbeck and saw 19 hens and 3 roosters.  That’s not uncommon in late season.

Might be a chance for a last hurrah next weekend.  Scrounging for places to go so will see what we can come up with.


Hope you find the best place yet for the season!! 

For my Christmas present this year…my dad took me pheasant hunting at Moser’s Pheasant Farm in Missouri. We had a good time. My English Pointer did a good job for not hunting in 2 years and dad and I didn’t do to bad at shooting.  Great way to spend time with my DAD!!!

Posted by Isshe on January 03

Good for Dad! I’m glad you had a good time and it’s even better when the family dog is part of the mix. Our dog Lil loves to hang around the house and get petted but she becomes a different dog when we go hunting. She really comes to life in the field.

Posted by springer on January 04

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