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One of the Gang

Tue, December 11, 2012

For the past several years, many of my pheasant chasing and dog training adventures have involved Mr. Drysdale and his trusty companion Libby.  We have shared great times and truly miserable times.

No matter the results, we discovered early on that it was more entertaining to have two springers running around than just one.  Even if they didn’t find any birds, it’s just more fun to watch and you have to think all that bouncing around would make roosters nervous and think hard about flushing.

It was a shock last week when Mr. D. called and said that Libby had unexpectedly passed away.  We had hunted together the week before and she seemed to be in great shape.  Much better than my 13-year old Lil who wheezes and chugs through the cover at an ever slowing pace (kind of like her master.)

Here is a picture of happier times with Libby (dog on left.)  This photo was taken during a blizzard in South Dakota.  Most interstates were closed and the cover snowed in.  Mr. D. and The Admiral stuck to it and managed to waylay these roosters in miserable conditions. Unfortunately, Sara, the lab in this photo, also died this fall in an accident. She will be missed too.


While Mr. D. has Maggie well on the way to being a bird dog and maybe, some day, a gun dog; I will always remember the great times we had with the Lil and Libby show.  She is buried in prairie grass with an old hunting coat and 10 years worth of tail feathers.  Not a bad send off for a dog that loved nothing more than hot pheasant scent and punching out a bird.



Very sorry to hear about Libby. Hard for me to fathom that she was 10. I still remember a young pup at Sibley. My sympathies to Mr. D. Only whiskey eases that pain.

Posted by Jeff Lampe on December 11

Sorry, Jeff, but whiskey doesn’t work either…at least it didn’t for me.  I think it was Gene Hill that said the best place to bury a good dog is in your heart.  My sympathies to Mr. Drysdale.

Posted by riverrat47 on December 11

Truly sorry to hear of your loss…

Posted by enjycreation on December 11

Thanks all for the thoughts.  I tried single malt Scotch….not working yet….

“The price of a good dog is a broken heart in the end”....R. Kipling

Posted by Mr Drysdale on December 11

Very true. losing a hunting friend is one of the toughest losses in life. I had to think long and hard about getting antother pup after my last one died. He is 17 months old now. driving me nuts, but enjoying every minute.

Posted by malrd7 on December 11

When my dog, Oscar, died i was a wreck.  Keep at the scotch.  It gets better.

Posted by jcurri on December 11

sorry for your loss i to have grown very attached to a certain lab of mine named dutchess who, as at write this lays at my feet. she turned 15 last september its seems like just yesterday i brought her home. they say time heels all wounds but with good hunting dogs i think the cut is a little deeper. good luck and remember the good times

Posted by goosehunter on December 11

I don’t drink much, but I’ll drink one for you and Libby.  To Libby, great memories and brighter days ahead.

Posted by birdchaser on December 11

So sorry for your loss Mr D. You may bury the dog but you never can bury the memories. Raising a glass in her honor.

Posted by Mallardmike on December 11

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