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Best Laid Schemes

Thu, November 03, 2011

Hobbes the wonder pup in better times.


Jeff Lampe told me he was pleasantly surprised that I bought a new springer pup and was getting excited about his training.  Several years of lackluster Illinois pheasant hunting had taken its toll in the excitement department and I might have just hung up my worn out Danners and taken up Angry Birds.

However, there’s something about a pup that just gives you a jolt of enthusiasm and energy that older dogs lack.  While Danelle Oliver of Ferndelle Kennels has taken over the initial training, my plan was to hook up with them several times this fall and watch Hobbes’ progress in the hunting field.  His progress to date has been promising and I was really looking forward to watching him develop.

Earlier this week Hobbes ran into a briar.  No big deal usually, hunting dogs run into briars all the time.  It’s part of the game.  Unfortunately, Hobbes ran into a briar with one of his corneas.  Danelle noticed a white film on his eye and a white ring.  Alarmed she sped off to her vet and then an eye specialist.  An infection had set in which could result in a permanent scar and impaired vision.  Not good in a dog who needs to mark falls at long range and make retrieves.

The doctor prescribed special medication that needs to be administered at very frequent intervals and will see him again on Friday.  He has to be kept very still (try that with a 7 month old pup) and won’t be able to get back in the field until December at the earliest—if everything goes well.

There will be a scar on the cornea, the question is how large and how much visual impairment will it cause.  Maybe very little, maybe more.  Danelle got on top of the problem immediately and is doing everything to get the best outcome.  All we can do now is wait and see how it heals.

I’m still very excited about Hobbes.  He has a great nose and a very people-oriented personality.  With any luck, this is a temporary setback and we’ll have a chance to get back to the fieldwork at little later in the season.


That stinks. Sorry to hear it. Hope Hobbes is OK. Iowa beckons if he can make the December call-up to the big leagues.

Posted by Jeff Lampe on November 03

Thanks for the sympathy. Enjoyed the subtle “The Natural” allusion. I’ll probably just call him Roy.

Posted by springer on November 03

Patch?  ok. that was uncalled for….Hobbes is in the best care.  Hoping for the best, I have my heart set on watching a riot of Springers next year.

Posted by Mr Drysdale on November 03

Poor guy. An eye-patch is definitely in order, it would lend him a rakish air.

Posted by Steven Q. Urkel on November 03

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