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Slow Down

Tue, November 20, 2018

I’m as guilty as anyone and have even boasted about how quickly I can skin and quarter a deer.  There are times between temperature swings, work obligations, and kids ball games when this comes in handy. Then there is a time to enjoy, reflect, be grateful for what you’ve harvested.  What I’m saying is let a deer hang in an cold shed for several days and each day work on a section and while doing so cook something special from it, take time bring the most out of the meat.  Do some bone in cuts which will bring a taste I’m sure you haven’t had since you were a child.  Back in the day bone in meat was the thing, today it’s mostly boneless as it’s easier.  Trust me when I say if you try this bone in deer chop idea you’ll taste the best thing you’ve ever put in your mouth, and I’ve tried some fine meals but this is simply the best thing ever.

Bourbon bone in deer chops – yes time consuming and worth every minute

First split the deer with a Sawzall length wise, then cut between the ribs with a knife then later the saw, trim off silver skin and let rest or chill for an hour up to a day, next drizzle with fine bourbon, season salt and black pepper, I added a small pinch of brown sugar pork rub but not too much at all.  Let the flavor of the meat come through.  Cook in a blazing hot cast iron, walk to the fridge get a cold beverage come back and flip them, walk to cabinet and get a plate and your done…….this is the only part that is fast, once the bone is tan and not white/pink they are done, medium is over done!! they HAVE to be medium rare then let rest for five minutes while getting second beverage then eat them off the bone like a kid eating corn dogs at the carnival.  Smile, slow down, enjoy your butchering and cooking, deer season goes by fast and so does life.  ENJOY

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Until next time, God bless,
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander