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KC's Corner

Transferrable Youth Deer Permits Being Proposed

Wed, February 17, 2016

As long as I’ve dealt with issues in Springfield, maybe this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  We can’t expect every piece of legislation to be perfect, right?  But it seems like there’s something every year that makes me shake my head.

As we got closer to the House filing deadline last week there was about 1,500 new pieces of legislation to sift through, with the usual topics (gun deer seasons, for example).  But the legislation filed today in the Illinois Senate (their deadline for new bills is later this week) has to make you wonder how this topic even comes up.  Maybe I’m totally misreading it, but a lot of my friends are all seeing it the same way.

The legislation in question is SB 2788, introduced by Senator Neil Anderson.  It reads as follows:

Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that anyone filling a deer tag who has a Youth Hunting License may transfer the tag to the accompanying adult hunter if the youth is present at the time the tag is filled by the adult. Removes the prohibition on transferring deer tags in compliance with the youth hunting provision.

I’ve re-read it numerous times.  This would make it legal for a youth to transfer his deer permit to an adult, provided the youth is present when the adult shoots the deer for them.  And it’s complicated by the fact that it’s just aimed only at kids with the youth hunting license (where they are not required to pass the hunter’s safety course), not a normal hunting license… or even the apprentice license.

Am I the only one who’s scratching my head on this one?  What parent saw such a great need to commandeer his kid’s deer permit, that he went to a legislator to get the law changed so that he could shoot a buck on Junior’s tag?

I’m not even going to waste my time quoting all the current rules and regulations that prevent this from happening.  As I read it, this CAN’T apply to youth season, since the youth must be supervised by a non-hunting adult.  But even during the regular firearm season where the supervising adult can hunt with a firearm, I just can’t envision any circumstance where this makes sense.  Is it to get dad an extra buck in counties where permits are limited… except during the youth season?

Can anyone else shed some light on any possible benefit of such legislation?  Would anyone really take a permit out of a kids hands to use it for themselves?

Maybe we shouldn’t answer that last question…


That’s just sad.  I’m sure there are some clowns out there that will be all for it too.  It’s just greed!  Plain and simple greed!

Posted by Andy Meador on February 17

Kevin, I don’t know if your aware of this, but over the years almost every piece of legislations that I had the pleasure of working on in Springfield came out of LRB screwed up. The mental giants working in that department on most days have no idea what they are putting into print upon many of the pieces of legislation that gets submitted. I have no faith in having anyone for any agency write any legislation that might only face countless hours of rehashing, and amending by those submitting the language. This only slows the process even more than normal, just because of their inabilities to copy things correctly. I also feel sometimes it’s on purpose, it is Springfield you know the town without rules.

As to the bill, WTF !! I said it before we have some people that have no brains presenting these ideas, and they are becoming far to numerous amongst the ranks. I bet the CO’s love this…LOL


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on February 17

I am going to borrow me a short bus full of kids and get all my buck killing done before the Orange Army and half of the bow hunters even get to the woods!

Posted by The Colonel on February 17

Only in Illinois!!!!LOL

Posted by WhitetailFreak on February 17

Kevin -I have read and reread - and just more or less banged my head on the desk muttering unladylike things. I fail to understand the why behind this. Just simply can’t see it.

Posted by G on February 18

The only sense I can make of this would be that the original proposal would have been just the opposite of what is written.

I can actually get on board with the idea of having a youth hunting with a legal hunting adult, and allowing the youth to shoot a deer on the adults tag….thus transferring the adult tag to the youth.  But not the other way around.

Posted by bw on February 18

Probably put that in just to see how closely you are watching them Kevin, otherwise thats just some nuts of legislation.

Posted by BIGPOND on February 18

Kevin, have you talked to Todd Vandermyde about this language ?? He might be able to shed some light on the whole affair.


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on February 18

Why would they even propose this if this goes thru there will be a record number of youth tags next year

Posted by herman on February 18


Posted by Buck-Man on February 18

This is what happens when Woody Woodpecker is allowed to legislate. Aren’t we lucky !!


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on February 20

We had a lad this last season, whom we thought ‘might’ be ready to deer hunt this season.  Turned out, he wasn’t.  No big deal, more tag soup.  Not like that hasn’t happened before.

I’m sure it was, and will be, presented as: Here is this ‘poor’ guy, who needs the meat, gets a permit for the kid.  The kid won’t shoot, can’t go, whatever.  Now, this ‘poor almost homeless’ guy is out the tag money.
Sorry, Senator, that dog don’t hunt in my field.  If you’ve got the money to outfit the youth for the hunt, you have the financial means to eat the tag.

Posted by riverrat47 on February 21

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