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KC's Corner

A Great Read About Deer Management

Thu, September 24, 2015

With all the struggles we’ve faced with deer management in IL, it seems that most “mainstream outdoor media” really don’t care to get involved in the real issues.  Oh sure, you’ll read a few stories about EHD outbreaks here and there.  And you get the obligatory “deer season outlook” stories every year with the standard game agency quotes.  But the biggest issue is the disconnect between the people who are making the decisions (DNR’s, legislators, state administrations, etc.) and hunters.  Ironically, hunters are the ones who pay for the entire management plan, and do the actual work of game management.  Hopefully, media will have the balls to start bringing more of this to light.

This article also goes to show you that many states have the same issues we have in IL, but with slight differences.  In the Iowa example, at least they have biologists who are wanting to grow the deer herd, but are being blocked by their governor.

Every deer hunter in IL needs to read this and personally hand-deliver a copy of it to their local legislator.

Any thoughts?


Kevin, nice read, thanks for sharing. You would hope someone could come up with something middle of the road between Conservation congress & HRC. Something that had some bite, but worked well with DNR as well. I wish more sportsmen/women knew more about our legislative process, and were more involved with it. I think it would open a lot of eyes, and help sportsmen/women overall if they were. Thanks Kevin.


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on September 24

Great read Kevin always like reading things like this.  What it boils down to is what group has the deepest pockets of cash to get what they want.  How about this…  How many hunters do we have in this state?  Lets say we get each one to invest a certain dollar figure into a club,organization, or hunting group to be used to back one of these politicians or the future governor.  Would be interesting to see how much money there would be to use for this.  That’s basically the gist of this article.  Now I know insurance companies and the farming communities have endless cash, but it would be interesting to see how far they want to dig!!  Any ideas from anyone else??

Posted by muzzyman on September 28

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