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Tim's Big Game Blog

Kraig Street’s gorgeous 6x6

Wed, November 30, 2016

Kraig Street took this absolute toad of a 6X6 in west central Illinois during gun season!

He knew him from last year but hadn’t laid eyes on him this season other than on trial cam pictures – that is until he came out chasing a doe in the wind during the firearm season.

A great massive buck Kraig!

kraig street buck

kraig street 2016 buck 2


What an awesome buck, Congrats to Kraig on a gorgeous deer!

Posted by BOWHUNTR on November 30

Congrats and finally a respectable set of pictures for the animal without the empty gut cavity, a bed of a pickup truck, or blood everyplace!
Nicely Done

Posted by kirkv on November 30

Awesome whitetail!!!1st pic looks like the ground we had in pike county.

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 30

Anybody know what the green shrub is in the background.  That crap is going crazy on our place.  Deer don’t seem to touch it until after a hard freeze and it starts turning colors.  I believe its part of the hedge family.

Posted by buckbull on December 05

Buckbull I do believe that is Russian Olive

Posted by kirkv on December 05

Yep.  Russian Olive.  Grows really fast and spreads like crazy.  Its hell to keep under control.  I’ve got it bad too.

Posted by jcurri on December 05

Awesome buck!

Posted by danny on December 05

Looks like bush honeysuckle. White and yellow flowers in spring with small red berries into fall. Just started dropping their leaves. Makes it tough for us ground hunters but the deer love the concealment. Chain saws, bush hogs and fire is how we control it. It’s as bad as multi-flora rose was a few decades back.

Posted by bjbe on December 06

Agree that it is invasive honeysuckle.  Russian Olive trees have a gray shade to their leaves, and tend not to thrive under tree canopy the way that honeysuckle does.

Posted by Del Roy on December 06

I didn’t realize they were different.  I always hear the terms used interchangeably.  Either way, it sucks.

Posted by jcurri on December 06

my bro in law thought it was honeysuckle too but wasn’t sure.  I tried looking at google images of both and pretty hard to determine what that stuff is.  I know that crap is thick and it seems to keep its leaves alot longer than native shrubs and trees.  We saw and mow the stuff too but it just keeps getting worse.  We are considering spraying with brush kill but have obvious concerns of what it will do to other shrubs and trees.

Posted by buckbull on December 06

I think a better picture of the stuff was the blog post just prior to this one featuring Tristan Moore’s buck.

Posted by buckbull on December 06

The DNR kills it by waiting until late fall when all of the other trees have dropped their leaves and then spray it with round up from an airplane. Works like a charm. It is the only thing that dies because it is the only thing that is still green.

Posted by kschroeder.DVM on December 07

awesome buck

Posted by Flatlander on December 08

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