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Shootin' Whitetails

I’m still seeing antlers….

Sun, January 19, 2014


I took these shots the other night of a couple of bucks that seemed to think it was still November, not the middle of January. These two were in a field and were sparring half heartedly. A group of six other bucks all still carrying their antlers were also present nearby. I was surprised that none of them had shed either side of their antlers. In the past I have seen bucks that had shed their antlers as early as late December.



I was even more surprised to see this buck actively chasing a doe. He proceeded to pursue her for a good five minutes before chasing her out of view into the nearby timber.


Since I haven’t posted in a while, I thought now might be a good time to give my observations about the health of the Illinois deer herd. First, let me preface this by saying I have hunted deer for the past twenty years. I have also monitored, photographed, and observed deer both in Central and Southern Illinois during that time.

Two things were apparent to me this year: The overall number of deer that I saw was down and in particular the numbers of mature bucks were down. This was the second consecutive year I had witnessed these differences. Things have definitely changed for the deer herd in Illinois, and not for the best. I can only hope that the IDNR takes action to ensure that the herd returns to its former health.


Nice photos.  Your last paragraph summed it up for me too.  Haven’t been out since last muzzleloader season. Tag soup again this year. Time to sharpen the chain saw and clear some trees for the land owner.

Posted by bowhunterdave on January 19

Awesome pics…

Posted by WhitetailFreak on January 20

Gorgeous Pic’s Jim- Un-Bread Adult Doe’s and fawn Does are in heat about now-

I was fine dumping all our tags in the garbage last night! The surviving deer FINALLY get a break!

Posted by walmsley on January 20

As always.  Great pics!

Posted by Andy Meador on January 20

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