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Chippewa Flowage 2013

Sun, June 09, 2013

What a difference a year makes! Last year the ice was off the Chippewa Flowage in March; This year we were wondering if we would be able to get our boats in the water the second week of May. We arrived at Pat’s Landing resort at Chief Lake on the Chippewa Flowage Saturday morning 5/11/13. The hardy staff was busy getting the docks in the 39 degree water, as sleet and snow blew in sheets across Chief Lake.

According to the staff, there had still been ice on the main bodies of the lakes up until the Thursday before we arrived. Not everyone in our entire group was eager about hurrying out and getting on the water, but a few of the boats decided to brave the weather and whitecaps in search of the first fish. I was content to sit by the fire and visit with the rest of our group that made it up for our annual fishing trip. My decision not to go out proved wise, as the boats that went out returned without fish. The weather report for the upcoming week called for warmer temperatures and I was looking forward to getting on the water the next day.

Sunday’s fishing was rough, but the boats did manage to bring in a few crappie and even more northern pike.  We usually have a good idea about where to find the fish, but the cold water and late ice off meant the fish had not moved into their normal spots yet.

By Monday, we had started finding more crappie and the northern pike continued to bite even better. The crappies had moved out of deep water and were starting to migrate into bays that held at least 10 feet of water and any type of weed growth. These bays were typically a couple of degrees warmer than the other water.

Tuesday’s high reached the mid eighties and the water continued to warm and the fishing continued to get better. By Thursday and Friday, we were catching fish in our normal spots and the water temperature had reached 59 degrees in the shallower bays.

All in all it was a great trip; we caught fish, visited with old friends, and just enjoyed taking time to relax.  As always, plenty of wildlife was seen and lots of fish were caught. We did learn not to leave any fish on the docks overnight as the otters made short work of this Northern.

I sure wish I could make it “up north”, more than once a year!


Beautiful pics.  I will be up there June 28-July 5.  Can’t wait!

Posted by jcurri on June 09

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