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Tue, October 15, 2013

Bucks from mid-September.

Last Friday I made a trip over to Scheel’s Sporting Goods to pick up a new quiver and sight for my bow. You see, my old faithful PSE Fire-flight took a tumble out of my tree stand the final day I hunted last year. The guys behind the counter were very helpful getting my bow back in order, as we exchanged stories about the deer we have been seeing. It eventually came up that I blog for HO and the guy said he thought he recognized me from somewhere. He stated that he loved HO and pointed out that I haven’t posted anything lately. Yes, I admitted I haven’t posted much lately because of how busy I’ve been. I mean here it is the middle of October and I’m just getting my bow in order and starting to shoot! It did make me feel guilty though and I thought maybe I should get on the ball and start posting to my blog.
So I looked back to my last post and decided to check through the images I had taken since then for anything good to share. I hadn’t been out much, I but did have some images that I thought might be worth sharing.

Boy’s in the beans-mid-August

Also in August, I ran across these two deer in the beans. I could see there was a young buck with a doe and wanted to get a look at his rack. What I found surprised me… I hadn’t seen a rack like that for a few years! I wonder what his rack is going to look like next year?

In the past week, I’ve been seeing younger bucks sparring in the fields.  I’ve also starting seeing a few bigger bucks like these two within the last week.

The corn and beans are getting cut and I’m hoping to run across bigger bucks, either with my camera or my bow.


absence just makes the heart grow fonder - and makes us appreciate your wonderful images even more!
Don’t feel bad my friend - I haven’t even bought tags yet! LOL

Posted by G on October 16

Better late than never….......I went out first weekend, shot a turkey, then my other half decided we should buy and move into a new house….in the middle of bowseason….ughh!!!

Posted by bassinmoon on October 17

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