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Shootin' Whitetails

Bucks are on the move.

Sun, November 03, 2013

I’ve been seeing lots of deer this past week including bucks.  The recent cooler weather has the bucks more active. The bucks I’ve been seeing are visiting scape lines and scent checking does. Halfhearted chasing is also occurring, but the does quickly side step the bucks and move out of the area. Does are feeding almost exclusively on acorns during daylight hours. The strategy that has worked for me this past week, at least for photography, has been finding acorns. Acorns = Does and Does = Bucks.

Jeff’s recent blog regarding the lack of deer and in particular big bucks got me thinking about my local herd. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve seen a few decent bucks and I’m also seeing lots of younger bucks. As a matter of fact in Central Illinois I’m hard pressed not to see a lot of deer in general almost every time I’m out, but the big mature bucks do seem to be a bit rarer the past couple of years.

Maybe it has just been bad luck on my end and not an indication of the health of the deer herd. Let’s hope that my luck changes and I will be posting pictures of big mature bucks soon.


Is that the same “double throat patch” buck in pictures #3 & #7 looks like it could be ?

Posted by silbowhunter on November 03

Yep, its the same buck. I have ran into him quite a few times this year already. Same area used to have a larger “DBP” buck in previous years.

Posted by mdoc on November 03

Starting to see some chasing here in Schuyler, not full blown yet, did see a 2.5 year old chase a doe across a highway and large field at 10:15 this morning.

Posted by Schuylerboy on November 03

Yes they are!  I filled my buck tag tonight with a nice 3 1/2 year old 8 point.  He wasn’t chasing a doe but he was cruising through the woods and I shot him at 3 PM.  He dressed out at 190 and had nice mass to him.  Feels good to be on the board!!  Still more to come hopefully!

Posted by HSBR1 on November 03

just got home from ne pike   they are chasing one guy killed 128 6 last night and another guy killed a 10pt 139 150 yds apart if it was gun id have one for the wall. hopefully hell be around in 2 weeks

Posted by controlfitter on November 10

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