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Retriever makes duck hunting better

Fri, March 31, 2017

Here’s another old video.

First Uploaded on Nov 12, 2008

Duck hunting is better when there’s a dog around. See Woody perform during a hunt at Rice Lake’s Blind 26 with his master Todd Staley of Morton, Aaron Sapinski of Kickapoo, Nate Herman of Peoria and Jeff Lampe.


My first lab was the whole reason I started waterfowl hunting.  I had her BEFORE I ever thought about shooting ducks and geese.  And when she died suddenly at 9yrs old, I more or less quit waterfowl hunting.

I’d rather experience a slow hunt with my dog, and see her make a couple flawless retrieves, than I would like to have a pile of birds with no dog to get them.

Posted by bw on March 31

Amen, BW.  I know guys who have lost the drive to go after their dog dies.  Until I got my first Lab, I didn’t understand.  Now, I just enjoy being out there with my dog…shooting much or not.

Posted by riverrat47 on June 13

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