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A true monster gun kill

Mon, November 23, 2015

The hard thing to imagine is that Tim Linn had already missed this buck twice. Once last year during bow season and then again this year, three weeks ago in almost the exact same spot as the first miss.

So when he headed out to hunt in the snow of JoDaviess County on Saturday afternoon, he did not expect much.

“I had no illusions of killing him,” Linn said. “These big bucks are almost unkillable.”

When 4:30 p.m. rolled around, he figured his hunt was over. Then the monster buck arrived, following a doe into the middle of a cut corn field.

This time, with a shotgun and not a bow, Linn did not miss.

He’s not alone, either. For the first time in several years, gun season has yielded several really, really big bucks. We’ll have more to post each day this week. What that is a sign of I’ll leave up to you to determine. For now, just admire the beauty of a truly mature monster buck.

linn buck 1

linn buck 2

linn buck 3



Wow!  Just

Posted by bowhunterdave on November 23

Whats the orange leg band???It is a freaking monster…

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 23

Orange leg band is from CWD check in required for Jo Daviess…That deer is a brute!!!

Posted by joe4683 on November 24

Great Deer.  MASSIVE!!  We need to get back to check stations locally.  From a economic standpoint it will benefit everyone small town that has one.  I want to see them for the accountability side.  The college kids used to run them for credit so it can be done.  Local high school 4h groups also will run them.  It just takes the DNR to spearhead this and WANT to use the data that they get.  With the low deer numbers it’s not like they will be that busy anyway!

Posted by muzzyman on November 24

Muzzy, I agree!!!!The people reusing tags is a HUGE problem in illinois. Just use the leg tag to get it home, then they reuse the tag too repeat the process…We will never have a accurate harvest report with the way the idiots have set it up…

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 24

Great buck.  Serious mass.  Good question though, Freak.  What’s up with the orange plastic leg tag?

Posted by Treehugger on November 24

  congrad on a truly trophy animal and screw the naysayers whats this whats that, now you see why many fine bucks are not published, who needs the crap , take pictures show your buddies, be happy, don’t need the BS. Check stations never stopped poachers, why would they check in and the people manning the stations were paid as small sum, right now with the budget, we need money just to buy gas for the CPOs we have left,not for a social gathering of the local cynics. Again congrads you had enough guts to let us marvel at it

Posted by joecarver on November 24

I heard this guy was wearing a ghillie suit, has anyone heard if there is any truth to that?

Posted by yellowstone on November 24

I’m guessing its not true yellowstone, the guy is holding the deer up by the antlers without fear of the glue failing to hold them to the skull plate.

Posted by buckbull on November 25

TOO FUNNY Yellowstone!!!  grin LOL!!!

Posted by Gilly1 on November 25

Damn that is a whopper!!! I hunt in Jo Daviess also near Elizabeth and saw three monsters this year. There are some really good genetics in that area. Congrats on a dandy!!!

Posted by Baba ORiley on November 26

Wow, just wow!  what a behemoth.  would like to see that old buck in person.  pictures cant do that mass any justice.  Look at the head on him, looks like an old bull out in the pasture!  Thanks for sharing!  Congrats on a true once in a lifetime giant!


Posted by mattster on November 27

JOECARVER!!!!I have a ?, Im gonna ask it..If you dont want people to ? things, Dont have it in the photo…I havent saw leg bands since check stations,So i ask….

Posted by WhitetailFreak on December 01

Is it possible that this is an old story that got picked up again, thus the leg band?  It seems that several old big buck stories resurface as current year kills every year.

Posted by Treehugger on December 03

Ahh…the conspiracy theory…love that angle… smile

Posted by Baba ORiley on December 03

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