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Hunting Continues Decline

Monday, December 24

More than 11 million hunters still exist in North America, however, those numbers have declined sharply just since 2011.  A 20% reduction of big game hunters has occurred since then as well as a loss of over 2 million hunters. Given that our model of wildlife program funding consists of a “user pay” model, that leaves wildlife managers with essentially two options in order to continue to fund conservation: attract new hunters or generate new revenue sources.  The R3 programs funded through the federal government are attempting to recruit new hunters through various “learn to hunt” courses with some amount of initial success.  I believe this has the potential to recruit some new hunters especially given the recent push by “city folks” to eat organic foods and to live lives that have a lesser impact on our environment.  I also believe that non consumptive users helping to pay the bills will also be necessary in the not too distant future.  One of the most popular models and likely also a big part of future funding consists of requiring big business to pay for operating on federal lands (oil and gas extraction as example).

Read more on this subject here: https://theconversation.com/as-hunting-declines-efforts-grow-to-broaden-the-funding-base-for-wildlife-conservation-105792

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