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Farm Progress Show: Conservation Progress: Past, Present, Future

Friday, July 12

Are you attending the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL this summer? The excitement begins August 27 - 29 and the show promises to be full of new things to see, hear, and learn. Don’t miss the “Partners in Conservation” tent. We’ll be looking for you to visit us at location 26E over in the Southeast Quad. You can’t miss us—we’re the white tent with big blue flags, a 1935 Soil Erosion Service pickup truck, and a huge soil pit out front!

The Partner’s in Conservation theme for 2019 is Conservation Progress: Past, Present, Future. Our conservation movement has an impressive past, a strong presence today, and an exciting future given the new technology and research underway. There’s a lot to celebrate and so much more all the Partners in conservation can do when we continue to work together.


There’s such a growing interest in farming the right way and the important role local farmers play. All SWCD board members and district directors to visit our tent. See first-hand the energy and enthusiasm for conservation.


All partners and organizations in the Partners in Conservation tent are eager to attend the 2019 Decatur show to celebrate accomplishments and convince even more Illinois farmers to increase their interest and commitment to conservation on their farm. Visit the tent and learn what ideas will work best on your acres. Tent attractions include an enclosed beehive, pollinator plant species and a monarch observation area, the wetland tank, a tabletop Denitrifying Bioreactor display/demo, the Soil Health Tunnel, a soil pit and rainfall simulator, and an antique tractor and high-tech soil probe truck.

There are so many conservation concepts to see and technical professionals to talk to, you don’t want to miss it!. To learn more, visit the Farm Progress Show website at https://www.farmprogressshow.com.

Who will you find in the “Partners in Conservation” tent? Sixteen groups you should know:

American Farmland Trust       IL Environmental Protection Agency IL Stewardship Alliance

Association of Illinois SWCDs           IL Land Improvement Contractors Assn.  Macon County SWCD  

IL Department of Agriculture           IL Rural Water Assn.     Mason State Nursery

IL Department of Natural Resources     IL Soil Classifiers Assn. Trees Forever

IL Environmental Council     IL State Bee Keepers Assn.  USDA NRCS

US Geological Survey



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