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Don Grandy Eulogy

Monday, January 29

Husband, Son, Brother, Father, Grandfather, local business owner, and well respected outdoorsman—Don Grandy, of Pekin, IL passed away on January 25, 2018 doing what he loved most—spending time in the woods. Don was shed hunting at one of his favorite hunting grounds when he passed away from a heart attack.  His best friend, Jeff Yergler, found him that night with two shed antlers by his side that he apparently had found while searching Lick Creek’s woodlands. For an outdoorsman, perhaps there is no better way to go. . . .

Don was a good man, full of stories, and knowledgeable about all things hunting.  He had hunted all over the U.S. and Canada for just about every species of game there was.  He pursued with weapons of all types and calibers but his true passion was bow hunting and trapping.  He was so proficient at hunting that all who knew him knew that if he was after game, game was what he would be bringing home; whether it was a limit of squirrels or one of many trophy whitetails he had taken over the years.  When Don spoke about hunting, people listened.  They listened because he was a man with vast knowledge, built by years of on-the-ground experience.  He didn’t buy into many of the modern conveniences or gimmickry of the hunting industry, which he made well known his thoughts on how it was changing hunting for the worse.  He was old school hunting in a nutshell.

He touched the lives of many people in central Illinois whether it be through his successful painting business which he grew considerably over the years or through his search for hunting adventure.  Don was always there to lend a helping hand during local hunting events for the disabled and the young.  God bless, Don—our times spent learning from you and hearing great hunting stories have come to an end. . . .

There will be a celebration of life event for Don at the Pekin Avanti’s Dome Banquet Room from 6p-9p on Thursday, February 1.

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