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Deer Feeding Bill Passes Out of Senate Today

Wednesday, May 30

The hotly debated and contested “deer feeding bill” was passed out of the Senate today inc concurrence with House Floor Amendment #2. This version of the bill differs greatly from the original bill presented, as well as the amended version that initially passed the Senate.

Although there was no debate on the bill before voting for concurrence with HFA#2, bill sponsor Senator Chapin Rose offered the following statement prior to the vote:

“For purposes of legislative intent I would like to read the following statement. The feeding of deer remains illegal in Illinois as provided by 17 IL ADM Code 635.40. The feeding of deer for research purposes allowed by this study shall only occur under the complete control of the principal investigators. Which, in this case will be The Prairie Research Institute, the Department of Natural Resources, and U of I Veterinary Medical Clinic. I would be committed to running a trailer bill to address any additional issues that might come up later. But, after committee yesterday we wanted to make absolutely certain that people understand that you cannot feed deer and that is still illegal in Illinois.”

At this point the question how of this study shall be funded remains unanswered. The bill can now move to the Governor.


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