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Guest Blog

Shooter buck? Or not?

Thu, August 28, 2014

As the days count down, the trail camera pictures keep arriving.

Many arrive with caveats: Top Secret, Do Not Post, Do Not Print, Do Not Let Anybody Else See.

But reader William Barrett asked only whether this Lake County buck is a shooter, or not?

Your thoughts?



Yep, but not til October 1st.

Posted by shooter49 on August 28

I wouldn’t shoot him.  He has the potential to go non-typical based on his right beam.  He’s a nice buck now but could be awesome in 2016.  Good luck!

Posted by jcurri on August 28

I would be proud to harvest him. Whats your address? wink
The only thing that matters is that he is a trophy in your eyes!

Posted by Deerhunter22 on August 28

It all depends of what you know about this deer, if he is on one of your main farms (i’m assuming he is based on the picture.) If this is a deer you have a history with and he still is a frequent flyer, i’d consider letting him go a year, also depending on what other bucks you have on the farm. In most cases, this deer is a shooter without a doubt. All together, go with your gut, this deer if harvested this season is a trophy in nearly anyones book, and who knows, if he goes another year he could blow up into a non-typical of a life time! Good luck this season, and happy hunting!

Posted by Ryan Scott on August 28

I would, but you do what you want to do. Your hunting spot and your tag.

Posted by berlin on August 28

Any one’s guess on age? That is a great pic!!!

Posted by outdoorswoman on August 28

He would be on the borderline for me and taking into consideration the added mass look of the velvet, he will appear to have less mass when he goes hard horned.  That being said, I am 90% sure I would take the shot.

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on August 28

My opinion is that deer is an avg 4.5 year old deer.  Could be a poor 5.5.  But with that belly, he has to have age on him.  Size wise, probably not a shooter, but hes old enough to take most likely.

Posted by clintharvey on August 28

Looks like someone put a 2-blade Rage through ‘no man’s land’ last year so why not.  His days seem numbered.

Posted by jpphish on August 28

Looks like a 3 year old to me.  He’s got good potential.  Right now though he’s just an average decent buck

Posted by Andy Meador on August 28

I’m going to guess he’s a 2.5 year old.  I do see the belly that would indicate an older deer but the deers head, specifically the long snoot and lack of a roman nose indicates a younger deer.  If I had to guess, that’s a 120 maybe 125 inch deer.  The hunter needs to shoot the deer and tell us how wrong we all are.

Posted by buckbull on August 28

That’s a tough call. I’m guessing 3.5 because I don’t think he has the neck or the belly of a 4.5 but the mass of the shoulders and hind quarters make me wonder. Also, there is a slight bow in the back which makes me think he may be older. Rack is either a promising 3.5 or a smaller 4.5. Either way, very nice deer and good luck this hunting this year to all!

Posted by Illinoisbassnbucks on August 28

It’s a GIANT in Pike County!

3 or 4-hard to tell

Posted by walmsley on August 29

I would say he is 3-4 If he was 2 and his horns is past his ears then he will be a monster. It’s just hard to tell, his front legs don’t really look big enough to be a older buck either. When I seen this yesterday I thought something looked different on this buck and then I noticed it now, no white on his neck

Posted by berlin on August 29

If you like him and you’d mount him, shoot him.  It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

Posted by Treehugger on August 29

Also, I highly doubt that’s a Rage mark.  If it were, that deer wouldn’t be standing there.  I know the hit would be a little back and high, but every time I’ve hit a deer in that exact spot in the past, the deer was dead quick.  Even quicker than a pocket shot for some reason.

Posted by Treehugger on August 29

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