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Through the Lens

Searching for Strutters

Thu, April 03, 2014

It’s the time of year that most of my fine feathered waterfowl friends are finally leaving. There are some stragglers here and there, some migrants of other birds still passing through, but it’s time to seriously turn my eye on the turkeys and the show they put on this time of year.

I’d found a nice flock a few days ago, and they were beginning to show off, but I just couldn’t seem to get any decent images out of the crowd. Time to start following and keeping an eye on them. Granted yesterday morning weather - drizzly, a little thundery, overcast and breezy sure as heck wasn’t what you would consider optimal photo light and weather.

That’s the thing about photographing wildlife - we have to do it on their terms. No studio, no control over the environment around us. While I doenjoy opportunities n that perfect early morning and late evening light, sometimes you just hav e go while the creatures are doing their thing and I’m the one that has to make the adjustments. Storm sack the camera, wear my Prois Eliminator jacket, so that I can drop the “duck tail” and keep my fanny dry while sitting and hope for the best.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing this a day or two, maybe because I’ve paid attention over the years to what the older folks taught me, but I just knew in my gut that while it was crappy weather weather by most photographers standards, I also just felt in my gut that it was going to be a good creature day. 

Thankfully, my gut was right and the flock I had spotted early this week was cooperative and definitely in show off mode! There’s just something incredibly special about sitting in the spring turkey woods, listening to the rain drizzle, the thunder rumble, and the turkeys gobble and yelp. Gives one a feeling of accomplishment for just having survived a long hard winter and buoys up the spirits that another wonderful year of outdoor treasures lies just ahead.

Say what you will about my sometimes unconventional approaches to getting close to the creatures and raggedy calling skills; when they walk right over top of me, I can’t help but think my system works pretty well.

Now, if these boys will just continue to cooperate in the coming weeks, I’ll be set!


I found them “G”

Posted by silbowhunter on April 03

beautiful pics. 3rd from the top is absolutely stunning.

Posted by 2bgbck on April 03

Awesome pics G..

Posted by WhitetailFreak on April 03

Wow cant wait to get out, mushrooms and turkeys, cant get much better than that.

Posted by joecarver on April 03

awesome pics, going out in the morning with my 12 yr old son for youth season.

Posted by cuttnstrut on April 04

Good luck to all of you and if you get lucky enough to shoot a gobbler, put some pics up for us to enjoy viewing.  I am hoping to take a picture of my dad behind a big ole gobbler, if there are any out there stupid enough to come to my calling.

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on April 04

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