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Through the Lens

Prois - It’s Priceless

Sat, May 14, 2011

It’s Priceless…

From the time I first encountered Prois hunting apparel for women I have cried, whined, left pointed notes at birthday and Christmas time about how happy I would be with a Prois coat or hoodie or well frankly anything from Prois.

Late this week a couple of Prois fairies left a wonderful package on my doorstep. On the recent Girls Gone Crappie trip at Lake of the Ozarks, I kept trying swipe Camo Mom’s.  Shamefully, I gave serious thought to sneaking about our cabin at Alhonna during the dark of night and slipping that great jacket into my suitcase. But alas, knowing how much Camo Mom depends on her Prois Eliminator Rain Jacket coupled with the fact that she’s a petite little thing in comparison to my somewhat roundish frame kept me from committing some terrible Prois Karma crime.

I will admit there was a great deal of whining about how much I had to have one of these great coats. The Prois Eliminator Jacket is typical of the outdoor/shooting sport/and hunting wear produced by Kirstie Pike at Prois. It’s all about fit, form and function.  The eliminator series (which also has accompanying pants to complete the ensemble) is waterproof and breathable and perfect for all seasons. When the temps turn colder, simply layer up under the jacket and pants. When the temps are warmer, the excellent breathability keeps one for from feeling that they are suffering inside a sauna - a common problem in most rain gear and waterproof clothes.

What exactly is it that makes this jacket such a must have for any woman who spend her days in the field in inclement weather?
• The fabric: The Eliminator line is engineered with 8000/5000wtaerproof breathable laminate with a polyester tricot shell. The jacket feature the Prois their signature nylon lining provide maximum softness, silence and moisture elimination.
• Construction: The Eliminator jacket features taped seams, waterproof zippers, snap down zipper sliders for silence. The hood has a superbly designed hood with a visor for the even more water protection as well as the drawstring pulls the hood to the head for maximizing peripheral vision.
• A drawstring waist to keep those damp chilly drafts out
• The Snap up “Duck Tail” I think this is my favorite part of the coat. The duck tail unsnaps, and comes down to cover one’s fanny. NO MORE WET BEHINDS! I am able to sit in the damp or wet areas while stalking wildlife with my cameras and did I mention…NO MORE WET BEHINDS?  No more drafts up my back when I bend and twist trying to get the right angle for a photograph. The DuckTail conveniently folds up a seemingly disappears into the jacket when not needed.

Prois is Gaelic for pride or prowess. Both terms are applicable to the entire Prois line of women’s outdoor and hunting apparel.  The pride the Kirstie Pike and the staff at Prois take in the design and construction is obvious upon the first inspection of the garment. The prowess is recognized in the use of these great products in the field.

The Prois fairies it seems also grew weary of my whining and complaining about all the beanies out there that are favored by so many of use in the waterfowl world. None of them allow for a wad of long hair stuffed inside. They creep up and off my head. My ears get cold and I look like a conehead. Included in the gift from the Prois fairies was a wonderful soft hat from Sherpa series of products at Prois. The Sherpa fabric/fleece is engineered with 100% polyester Sherpa fleece to provide maximum warmth and insulation. It is as soft and cuddly feeling as you favorite old pair of pajamas, but provides outstanding warmth. And its generous construction allows plenty of room to stuff those ponytails up and under with ease, while it stays firmly in place.

The girls of Prois have a saying, “Take pride in NOT being one of the guys! “ When it comes to well fitting, very functional, well designed women’s outdoor wear and hunting clothes, Prois takes pride in making clothing that fits a woman hunters needs as well as her feminine form. 

Even Sarah Palin chooses Prois for her outdoor apparel ! The now recognizable “P for Prois” is being seen on more and more professional women hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

By the way, it’s only a rumor that I loved my new coat so much I slept in it the first night.

Visit Prois website today and have look at the many excellent designs for any type of outdoor pursuit you may have.