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Heartland Outdoors turkey hunt Illinois may 2018


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Through the Lens

Let’s Talk Turkey

Thu, January 26, 2012

The annual NWTF Convention in Nashville is just around the corner, and this year I’m honored to be going along for the excitement and information as not only a Heartland representative, but also part of Team WON.  My head is already spinning as I make my lists about who, what, where…. so much to see, do, and explore in just a few short days.

We all know I’m a little wishy washy sometimes, and there’s also that whole pea brain, forget my name some days, thing going on so… if we’re going to talk turkey.. and I’m going to be there attempting to harness the power of modern technology to bring you lots of info, photos etc. the question of the day is…....

What do YOU - friends here in the Heartland community want to know?? Should I be chasing down the latest gear? Interviewing calling champions? Getting information about new programs?

Please tell me! My hope is to bring you bits, pieces and indeed some longer in depth looks at things .. right there from the NWTF convention floors.

I say hope because well, we all know that technology and I sometimes find ourselves at standoff, but luckily Paige Eissinger (AKA Ms. Techy to me) will be along to help Ms. Not-So-Techy out when the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.

What say you friends and readers? If we’re going to be talking turkey.. what do we want to talk about?


G, Im curious on the how we can protect our turkey nest from predators, I loose 3-5 nest a year…Curious if its mainly coons or what else will destroy a nest….

Posted by WhitetailFreak on January 26

The re-introduction of the Eastern Wild Turkey in Illinois has got to be one of the most successful wildlife restoration stories of all time. In addition to our DNR, NWTF played a significant role in that. Please pass along our congratulations and ask if they can do the same for our Whitetail Deer population! smile

Posted by Mallardmike on January 26

The increase in the turkey population in our area is incredible.  In the 90’s it was rare to see a turkey on our farm.  Now, its not uncommon to see 50+ a day.

Posted by jcurri on January 26

Ask the Federation what they are doing to get Illinois to simplify what must be the most convoluted and all around “jacked-up” season and permit allocation system.  Not to harp on you blog G, but I am thinking the DNR could cut 10 people and use funds for other things by giving our state a normal season like the rest of the US.
Bitter?  Me?

Yes.  tongue rolleye

Posted by OZ on January 26

With turkey season the next hunting season for me, i cant wait to start seeing more turkey information on heartland.  Great point mallard!  I would like to know what some of the new 3 1/2 shotshells are available and what mouth calls are new and recommended.

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on January 26


I hear the same type of questions all the time around my area.  Unfortunately, the people who complain about predation on nests won’t let me trap their property because “I’ll mess up their deer hunting.”  I can try and explain my methods and the number of days I’ll run a property (4 to 5), but it doesn’t matter.  Everyone’s mind is so warped around deer hunting they’ve lost all common sense.

Posted by mountain man on January 27

I’me with JCURRI 110% on what he said,never seen a turkey in my area until the late 90’s. Now I also see groups of 40-50 at times and see them all over. And what fun they are to go after an hunt.

Posted by berlin on January 27

I would like more information on public hunting areas in Illinois that have Spring turkey hunting to include additonal information on each public hunting area written by the individual site managers on the turkey hunting on there specific hunting area.

Posted by Airborne1 on January 30

Have a great time in Nashville, Gretchen! As an NWTF staff member, I am partial, but I think it is one of the very best shows to attend. There will be a number of Illinois NWTF volunteers and staff there, so be sure to seek them out and get their insight on the “must see” events.

Freak, predation is fact of life for turkeys, with coons being one of many nest predators. The key to minimizing it is providng ample nesting and brood cover. Both quantity and quality are important. I’d be glad to speak with you more in depth on the subject. My contact information can be found on the NWTF website, or you can email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Posted by turkeyrb on January 30

Great thoughts,questions etc friends!
I ahve to agree about the turkey permitting system in our fair state - while I understand the theory behind it, it just makes my eyes glaze over and my head bang on the desk when attempting to use it!
Let’s keep all the turkey discussion going, and HOPE that turkey season is far better than waterfowl season was! Keep those thoughts and questions coming friends, I’m making my lists smile

Posted by G on January 31

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