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IDNR to Test-Launch New White-tailed Deer Website

Tue, March 14, 2017

SPRINGFIELD, IL – White-tailed deer are an integral part of the Illinois landscape, and a new website will provide up-to-date information on deer biology, management, research and regulations.  A random set of Illinois deer hunters and landowners will receive an e-mail invitation this week to assist with finalizing the new White-Tailed Deer Illinois website.
White-tailed Deer Illinois is a collaborative effort led by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Division of Wildlife Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration, and the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center. Funding for the White-tailed Deer Illinois website was made available through Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Project W-147-T.
White-tailed Deer Illinois is a digest of biological information and interesting facts to provide users with valuable insights into the life history and management of the Illinois state mammal. The site also contains information on white-tailed deer stakeholder groups (hunters, landowners, wildlife watchers and more), how deer hunting regulations are set, and deer depredation and deer population control permits. Scientific research activities related to deer and deer hunting are also presented.
Several features of the site will, for the first time, provide users with levels of information previously unavailable. Users will have access to a searchable database of deer-vehicle accidents, and will be able to plot accidents on a state road map by year (2002-2012), month and day.
A second searchable database will allow users to search IDNR annual deer harvest data and Illinois Department of Transportation annual deer-vehicle accident (DVA) rate data. The user may select the county and a range of years (from 1989 to the present), and view an image displaying both the total deer harvest and annual DVA information.
White-tailed Deer Illinois also features an online form for reporting sick and diseased deer. This process will greatly speed the collection and tracking of potential incidence of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).
Information collected from hunters and landowners during this review process will be used to finalize the website, with release to the public anticipated to occur by April 1, 2017


I’ll be interested to see just how “up to date” their information really is.

Posted by bw on March 15

LOL, releasing on April Fools Day.

Posted by buckbull on March 15

I hope this is a joke! Serious? So let me get this straight. A website that reveals the IDNR’s only tool being used to manage the deer herd. So then why are we paying someone to manage the deer herd when I can watch reruns of Gilligans Island from the comfort of my home and do the same thing they are being paid 3 digit incomes? Why track EHD? It means nothing to anyone. Just another dead deer.We just came off of another disappointing deer harvest season and they’re pounding their chest like we all want to know how well the IDNR is doing managing the deer herd. Unbelievable that a department managing a resource can be so out of touch with the people and the resource. News Flash IDNR…. out of all the states, not one is mimicking you’re failed system. Don’t waste your time. Another dead end that will provide nothing to anyone but only creates some busy work for someone else. NO THANKS!!!

Posted by bwadd on March 15

LOL, 3 digit income might be what you think they are worth but they surely make more than that.

Posted by buckbull on March 16

where will the IDNR find information regarding whitetailed deer?  If anyone there had any information on deer they wouldnt be doing what they are doing.  What will the information on how deer are managed say?  “we have these little machines that print out tags, nomatter what data we collect, these machines say ... print more tags”  What a damn joke our DNR proves to be when it comes to deer management.

Posted by clintharvey on March 16

Sorry BUCKBULL, I was thinking in terms of thousands but yes maybe that’s what they deserve. Just a lost cause, all of it. The only thing keeping the herd from being totally decimated is the fact that 90% of all the hunting in this state is on private land. It’s bulletproof in theory and they know that. The private landowners and hunters is who is managing the herd not the state. If anyone creates a website it needs to be the sportsmen and maybe the IDNR can learn from that. The website is likely outsourced to an outside contractor like State Farm or the IDOT as they’re the ones dictating what happens anyway with their statistics. Just so disappointing that APPOINTED people can have so much power and have been entrusted to a task and fail so miserably with no consequences. In my world you would all be looking for free blocks of cheese.

Posted by bwadd on March 16

This is just a way to remind you what they use to look like in case you happen to see one.

Posted by bigman on March 19

OK, not saying this is a bad think, because if done correctly it would be nice to have, but will it be ??? I would have much rather seen monies, and efforts put forth towards actual field work, but we live in a time that many feel computers, apps, and websites are the cure all for everything. The website has become the new resource, not the wildlife, so sad.

Posted by Ringtailtrapper on March 19

April 1 here and gone

Posted by BIGPOND on April 05

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