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Bow Hunting Now Allowed During Firearm Season

Wed, November 16, 2016

Beginning this year, the new rule regarding archery hunting during firearm season takes effect. The following was provided by IL DNR Conservation Police :

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources would like to remind hunters of a new rule change. Archery devices legal for the first half of the archery deer season are now a legal device to be used during the firearm deer season if hunting private property. Furthermore:
- Crossbows may only be used by those with a valid crossbow permit or by persons age 62 and older.
- Hunters must be in possession of a valid firearm permit. Archery permits are not valid during the firearm deer season.
- Archery devices may only be used by hunters legally hunting private property, and does not extend to IDNR hunting areas
- An archery device may not be used to fill a firearm permit during the late-Winter Antlerless deer season

It’s pretty cut and dried, but it has generated a firestorm of confusion among many hunters. In a nutshell, those who are in possession of a valid firearm tag may use a legal archery device to fill that tag during firearm season if hunting private land.

As always if unsure about a regulation it’s always best to contact your local Conservation Police Officer for clarification.


I guess if you shot a buck early, a lot of hunters could still take to the woods with a bow.  I assume those bow hunters have to be decked out in orange?

Posted by BIGPOND on November 16

Yes, blaze orange is required of firearm deer season participants, regardless the weapon of choice.  Tom

Posted by DozRdeer2 on November 16

Only a fool would be out in the timber without orange on this weekend.  When I had a walk to blind on the river for duck hunting, I wore orange to and from the blind.

Posted by riverrat47 on November 19

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