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Chief City DU Banquet

Fri, March 16, 2018

Come out and join a great crew of folks raising money for waterfowl habitat, the future of hunting, win some guns, eat chicken and have a cold frosty beer.  How can you pass that up??

The Chief City DU is hosting Chicken dinner with beer or soda included, cash bar as well on Wed. March 21 at the Pontiac, IL VFW.  Doors open at 5:30 dinner starts at 6:30 there will be silent auction and live auction, some interactive raffles, the big one is the ever popular hat raffle where 12 hats are numbered and sold, the first hat and last hat drawn will each win a gun.  Very exciting and draws a good crowd.  There will be hunts and gear raffled and auctioned.

It’s $15 at the door for dinner or $40 for membership and dinner.

Here’s a partial list of what will be raffled

Kimber 1911 .45 cal
Browning A5 16 ga.
Berretta 300 12 ga.
Ruger American .22 mag
Mossburg .300 Win mag
Yeti Cooler
Blind bags, decoys, wildlife prints and a gamut of other great items

A crowd favorite is the Monster Moto 3.5 horse Mossy Oak Shadow Grass mini bike

Please come out and support Ducks Unlimited and I promise this is one of the most fun banquets of the year, MC Pat Killian keeps it moving and always a good time

Until next time, support wildlife and God bless
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander


Best brow tine buck of 2017?

Fri, January 26, 2018

Every now and then you see a real jaw dropper, something you’ve not seen in a whitetail rack in a long time, maybe ever? Aaron Smith of Lexington took this old Mason County swamp buck during the firearm season and the brow tines speak for themselves.  Great mass, great mature deer, good job Aaron, congrats!

be sure to get out and look for shed antlers from the one that got away, spring turkey and crappie fishing will be here before you know it

until next time, good luck and God bless,
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander


My next hunting truck

Fri, January 05, 2018

I’ve had several trucks in my lifetime, from a small two-wheel drive Ford Ranger to a Crew Cab Chevy with long bed and four wheel drive, but is there ever really enough truck? My current truck has slightly more square footage than my first two college apartments…….combined! But I still don’t have enough room.

Let’s face it this time of year you can chase pert near every game specie in Illinois.  As I look through my overloaded pickup truck I have muzzleloader, shotguns, pistols, rifles, ice augers, sonar units, camo bibs, three kinds of boots, a bow, a cross bow, buckets of ice fishing tackle, waders, waterfowl ammo and gear, split hickory wood for the smoker or if I’m stranded and just need to survive.  I have blankets and stools, folding chairs for blinds, heaters, propane tanks, lanterns, skinning knives and rubber gloves. I have deer calls, safety harness, water bottles, hand warmers, two pair binoculars, range finder, black powder, braided ice fishing line, three pair of sun glasses, a bic lighter, four pair of gloves, two flashlights, another pistol, and another shotgun…..who’s is that? Oh well, figure it all out when I clean it out for spring fishing…………then I’ll put in cutting boards, fillet knives, vacuum packer, rods, reels, tackle, rain suits, sun lotion, bandaids, pliers, line cutters, minnow buckets, life jackets, flashlights, rod holders, planer boards, maybe keep the waders in there, flip flops, and still an extra shotgun?? Maybe it’s mine, I can’t remember with all this stuff.  I need a bigger truck

Remember a cluttered truck is the sign of living a good life, you can hunt deer, coyotes, geese, and run a trap line, you can ice fish and open water fish right now if you can find some. You can shoot trap, rifles, bows and anything else you want. While Illinois has its downfalls and most are political (we won’t get in to that) it’s full of great people (mostly) and even more opportunity. Be sure to get out there and end one season with a bang and start a new one. Load your truck up with gear grab some buddies, and your kids and their kids and get outdoors and enjoy this lovely winter weather, rumor has it Sunday has a heat wave of 30 degrees coming in, don’t miss it!

That all being said, next time I’m getting one of these.

Until next time, be safe and God bless,
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander


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