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KC's Corner

Project Photog - Week 2

Sun, March 18, 2012

Spring is definitely here!

After a week of work I had big plans for the weekend. Fishing, one more shed hunting trip (I’m a big 0-fer so far), taking pics of all the spring colors popping out, more fishing. But like most weekends, my outdoor time was only a fraction of what I’d hoped for. So, the photos this week only consist of a couple of snapshots, and a quick shot by the side of the road.

Friday I got the boat out for the first time since New Year’s Eve (how weird does that sound). I only had a little over an hour after work, so I didn’t get much fishing time in.

Saturday came with a few things to do around the house (at least I’m not mowing my yard yet like a few neighbors). Later, we went out with a few friends to celebrate my 11-year old daughter Abby’s 8 year anniversary of being cancer and chemo free. I certainly don’t mind missing outdoor time for that kind of celebration!

Finally, Austin and I were able to get out to Sangchris Lake for a while. He’s got a high school bass tournament there in a few weeks, and we hadn’t been on the lake since we upgraded from our 25hp outboard a few years ago. We were limited where we could get with just the trolling motor.

My first fish was my best of the day, a nice fat 13” crappie.


Austin managed a crappie as well, taking this nice 10” black-nosed slab on a crankbait. You have to love the markings on these fish that extend all the way down the dorsal fin, and underneath the bottom lip.


My only “color” pic of the week was this sea of purple on my way home from the farm one evening this week. This would have been a perfect candidate for HDR processing, to get the deep color of the field, as well as the bright orange color of the sunset. Hard to get both in one shot.


Got a few things in mind to capture this week before heading off to Peoria for the Deer Classic next weekend. Hope to see some of you there!


NIce pictures. I love those black nosed crappie. We have them in Lake Springfield too.

Posted by mdoc on March 20

Neat crappie pick, don’t recall ever seeing such a thing, surely would’ve remembered as it seems like a striking feature.  Enjoy the project idea and look forward to tagging along.

Posted by 13bass on March 20

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