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KC's Corner

Deer Classic back in Bloomington

Thu, April 16, 2015

No, that’s not a typo.  An announcement from Field & Stream’s Facebook page today had this to say:

Deer & Turkey Expos
Here are our 2016 dates, mark your calendars!! A few changes for next year include the Michigan Expo moving to the Lansing Center and the Illinois Expo moving back to Bloomington for our first ever summer expo!

What do you think?  A summertime Deer Classic… just before the season opens?  I’m sure many people are happy the show is moving back to Bloomington, one of the show’s most popular sites.


Kevin, isn’t this the same time as the State Fair?

Posted by Rex Featherlin on April 17

Better than Springfield, though I thought its best days were in Peoria.

Posted by Treehugger on April 17

I think the state fair starts the 13th.

Weds. through Fri. don’t see the attendance being that big being in the middle of the week and in the middle of summer.

And what difference is the location with the same vendors and venue?

Posted by berlin on April 20

As the article states, it is the 12th-14th of August 2016. Which is a Friday-Sunday.

Posted by non-res.hunter on April 20

I dont have any plans to ever go again. It started out awesome and has become a joke…..

Posted by WhitetailFreak on April 20

Sorry looked at the 15 calendar!!!!!!

Posted by berlin on April 21

A couple of thoughts - If this was done to increase the number of vendors etc. it might help. However the timing seems odd - not part of what we usually think of as “show season”. Additionally, moving it to Bloomington puts even further away from the huge numbers of hunters and hunting related businesses (possible vendors) in Southern Illinois. I don’t see many making the trip to Bloomington from the southern region given the disappointment that the last few shows in Springfield have been.

Posted by G on April 24

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