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Stay on Target

KY Giant

Fri, September 19, 2014

I first saw this buck on Chris Brackett’s facebook page.  There was no hunter shown in the picture, just a few words about this being a Western Kentucky buck.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out a few hours later that one of my archery friends was the proud hunter.  Justin Mooney shot this magnificent animal in Webster County Kentucky.  That is about 30-40 miles southeast of Shawneetown, IL.  The buck appears to have a typical 14 point frame, and Justin told me it has 41 inches of abnormal growth.  The deer was rough scored in the 230’s (gross).  From what I can see, it looks every bit that big. 

Congrats Justin!


Holy Toledo!  Thats amazing. Tell you buddy congrats.  Illinois used to produce a few bucks like.  The bastards in the DNR put a stop to that through.

Posted by jcurri on September 19

Walmsley sent me the pic last night;)Awesome buck…...Jcurri your right on with ill dnr…...

Posted by WhitetailFreak on September 19

The title of the column is Stay on Target.  This post is about a fellow hunter’s success.  Keep it that way!

Congratulations on a fine harvest and a beautiful baby, sir!

Posted by shooter49 on September 19

Nice buck! Congrats to the hunter! That’s even bigger that Marc Anthony’s massive 182” 6x6 typical he killed in KY in 2009!

Posted by ToddC on September 19

That’s a nice one.  Congrats to the hunter

Posted by Andy Meador on September 19

What is the bump on its ear, another point?  The freak might even have ear tines. 

Posted by virtualSniper on September 20

Congrats on an awesome once-in-a-lifetime buck!  That’s what I see in my dreams.

Posted by Treehugger on September 20

That is a beast !!!!  Well done sir !

Posted by Lynn on September 22

What a BRUTE!
Just drove thru that area yesterday coming back from Kentucky/Tennessee.

Posted by SWAMPMAN on September 22

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